Waste Management

Island Pump & Tank Provides Waste Management Services to dispose of your hazardous and non-hazardous Wastes

Let Island Pump & Tank manage all the regulations and paperwork

Island Pump & Tank takes pride in adhering to all the rules and regulations governing the disposal of your waste. As a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) approved waste contractor we manage your waste safely and responsibly. As your trusted advisor we find economical solutions and minimize your liability.

Our dedicated Waste Management Department will use economies of scale to manage your waste efficiently and obtain the lowest possible disposal rate while diligently tracking and documenting every step of your waste lifecycle.

We are capable of picking up one drum from your facility or disposing of 20,000 gallons of contaminated fuel, and anything in between. Our transport vehicles operate under "Part 364" permits from the NYSDEC and all of our drivers are HAZMAT trained and certified. Our waste managers are ICC certified by FEMA to manage accidental spills or exposures.

Non-Hazardous Waste Removal

Why do I need a contractor with all these permits and certifications?

It wasn’t long ago when littering was accepted. "Properly disposed of," meant all of your waste was taken to the local landfill. Household trash, along with car batteries, broken televisions, cleaners and solvents, and even used oil, were gathered together on to one piece of land, and eventually buried to become part of the earth. On the other side of town, people would say, "The solution to pollution is dilution," as they pumped process waste from the factory into the local creek. Thankfully a lot has changed since that time not long ago. We recycle what we can, companies find ways to turn waste streams into revenue streams, and the rest is disposed of under thousands of pages of regulations.

Today, properly disposing of waste requires an expert. Someone must understand the waste streams, select the proper disposal process, and stay up to date with changing regulations. The current regulatory theme is "cradle to the grave" and the responsibility lies with the generator. This means heavy liability for something the average person knows very little about. Errors in paperwork, insufficient waste samples, or requesting the wrong laboratory analysis will lead to astronomical fines and even loss of permits. Selecting the right waste contractor is crucial to protecting both yourself and the environment.

Hazardous Waste removal

Services Offered

• Waste Sampling
• Waste Characterization
• Permits and Paperwork
• Transportation and Disposal
• Pick Up or Live Loading
• Hazardous and Non-Hazardous removal
• Contaminated Soil Disposal
• Liquid Waste Disposal
• Dry well Remediation
• Waste from manufacturing processes