Going Green Tips

1. Buy Used

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Think about what you are buying. Is this the type of item you would consider buying used?
You will save money and you might be able to afford a better model. Buying used helps you
go green because you are keeping the item out of the landfill and you are saving the materials
and energy that would have to be used to make a
new one.

2. Stop buying bottled water


Say no to bottled water

New York has one of the highest quality water sources in the world. Why are you paying
money to drink inferior water? Buy a re-usable plastic water bottle and drink water from
the tap. You can use a charcoal filter (i.e. Brita filter) to remove the chlorine for improved taste.

3. Adjust your thermostat

Lowering the heat setting or raising the cool setting on your thermostat by 1 degree will save
you approximately 10% on your heating and cooling bill. Check out this high tech thermostat solution.

4. Stop receiving junk mail

No junk mail please

Its easy to unsubscribe from unwanted emails, but what all the junk mail that gets delivered
to your home or business? You can opt out of unwanted snail mail just as easily. Try a free
opt out service like www.catalogchoice.org.

5. Re-usable canvas bags

Amazon grocery bag

These are an excellent alternative to paper or plastic. Reusable to carry your groceries or even your lunch to work.


6. Use Ecofont

Ecofont is software that gives you the option to print using 20-30% less ink. Most companies
spend a lot of money on ink. Bring in an example and see if you can get your entire company
to switch over.

7. Rethink Travel

The Hov lane can save you money

If you are traveling for business, is it something that can be done through a video conference
instead? If you are traveling on your own, is it really easier and cheaper to take your car than
to take the train or bus? Are you meeting other people? Try carpooling.